Drone shot of Sage Park building
Sage Park Students in TAP class
Sage Park student in TAP class
Sage Park hallway
Drone shot of Sage Park campus
Sage Park students in hallway
Sage Park students in band class
Sage Park Hallway flags and awards

Sage Park Middle School Calendar

Our Mission: To develop the genius in every child and create life-long learners. 

"Sage Park Middle School is open-minded, transparent, and has a village mentality.  Everyone fits in here."

- Parent

Sage Park is a special place because it is a microcosm of the global society.  Our students come from diverse backgrounds, making teaching a pleasure.  Our teachers are dedicated professionals who are always looking for better ways of educating, and are ready to teach each student regardless of ability.  We have a variety of activities designed to capture the inquisitive adolescent mind.  This is where teachers make an impression.

- Teacher

"Sage Park is a place where the needs of the students come first.  We are not afraid of change, and embrace the opportunity to try out new programs, write new curriculum, and rethink our polices  and practices if we believe it will benefit our students.  The staff embraces the whole child and finds ways to interact with our students to build relationships based on respect, while holding high expectations for each student.  I've remained here for twenty-eight years because I've always been given opportunities to work with students in ways that truly make a difference in their lives!"

-Cay Freeman, Teacher